Bedoon march in the one-year anniversary of their protests

Under the influence of the Arab Spring, hundreds of the Bedoon started protesting on February 18th. Two days ago, around 100 protesters marched to salute the anniversary of Bedoon protests and to call for the releases of 68 detainees. Security forces, as usual, were everywhere in Sulaibiya, Jahraa, and Taimaa were the community mostly lives. The protest took place in Taima were most protests took place last December. On another note, three youth groups issued a statement to protest near the parliament on the 28th of February in solidarity with Bedoon detainees. The statement issued called for the release of detainees and found the practices against Bedoon as violating of Kuwait’s constitution.

In court, a judge ruled out accusations against three Bedoon protesters. Their lawyer, Dr. Fawzia Al-Sabah, succeeded in transferring the case from the criminal court to the constitutional court saying the protests were peaceful and the local laws that prevent protests contradict the international agreements that Kuwait had signed in that regard. As for the protesters and activists still in jail, the public prosecution decided to keep them for two more weeks. They have in detention since mid January despite calls and protests to release them, especially after the hunger-strike that some detainees went on.

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