Kuwaiti Bedoon Committee Addresses MPs to release detainees

[Pictures of the detained activists; some of them are members of the Kuwaiti Bedoon Committee]

Earlier today, Al-Alaan online newspaper published a statement made by the Kuwaiti Bedoon Committee calling on Members of the Kuwaiti parliament to stand on the side of detained Bedoon protesters and activists who have been in jail for over 40 days without charges. The committee stated that the 68 detainees are going through hard conditions, and so are their families, and some of them lost their jobs in the private sect. The committee condemned keeping the detainees without clear charges against them and wants the parliament to interfere in solving the problem by standing clearly to release them and by working, on the 28th of February session, on forming a new parliamentary committee to solve the community’s issues. The committee also refereed to the bedoon protesters who are still facing trials for protesting in February and March 2011.

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