Leftist Movement condemns mistreatment of Bedoon detainees

The newly-formed Kuwaiti leftist movement (Tayyar Taqadomi) has condemned, through a statement published in their website, the mistreatment of Bedoon detainees in the central jail. There are more than 60 detainees arrested in January for protesting or for calling for protests and that include prominent Bedoon activists from the “Kuwaiti Bedoon Movement.” The spokesman of the Leftist movement, Dhari Al-Rujaib, said they have been informed that the mistreatment against the Bedoon detainees was both physical and verbal. Al-Rujaib wrote: we demand the Human Rights committee in the Kuwaiti parliament to pay attention to the case of Bedoon detainees.

The arrested Bedoon are still not aware of their charges, yet the public prosecution keeps renewing their period of detention. This brings back the debate in Kuwait over the periods of detention for interrogation and the power of public prosecution. We have also been informed that Ali Al-Enizi (21 years old) was taken to the central jail today to spend 21 days for interrogation.

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