1986 – 2012: Crown Prince addresses Bedoon

In a recent interview with the crown prince of Kuwait, Sheikh Nawaf Al–Ahmed Al-Sabah talked to Kuwait News Agency about different topics such as the Arab Spring, the newly elected parliament and its relationship with the cabinet, the relationships within the ruling family, and about the issue of Bedoon. When the interviewer asked about the issue of ‘illegal residents’, the crown prince replied saying: “The problem faced delay because we take into account the importance of doing the necessary investigation. The process is long and there are outcomes. The authorities realized that there are some cases that deserve the nationality and others who deserve to have basic human rights such as education and health care.”

We bring here a statement for him from 1986 when he was the interior minister: “The law of foreigners’ residency No. 17 of the year 1959 made an exception based of article 25 to members of tribes who enter Kuwait by land in reference to Bedouins. This statement confirms that back in 1959, it was the government who created the 50 years old issue by legalizing Bedoon residencies, yet denies it now!

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