MP Al-Juwihel: Bedoon journalists should not be allowed in the parliament

Bedoon Journalists form a big number in local newspapers. Many bedoon work as editors, producers, camera-men or in montage and graphics. With less chances and lower salaries than those of citizens, Bedoon journalists continued to be part of media in Kuwait with notable performances.

Newspapers started to send them abroad to cover stories; something that did not please the government. The Central Agency decided thus to put Bedoon journalists on hold when it comes to renewing their ‘article 17’ passports. It is seen that the few good pieces covering Bedoon protests were conducted by Bedoon journalists; one more reason to upset authorities.

Two of the detained Bedoon activists work in media and they are Khalifa Al- Otaibi (Al-youm TV channel) and Bandar Al-Fadhli (Al-Jarida newspaper). However, they face discrimination as they are declinethe right to join the journalists union because they are stateless; something that goes against Human Rights Declaration’s article 27.

Bedoon journalists have been covering parliament news for ages but MP Mohammed Al-Juwaihel seems unhappy with that as he submitted an inquiry to Ahmad Al-Saadon, head of Kuwait parliament, on 28th of February regarding access to the parliament given to Bedoon journalists.

Bedoon hold ‘special illegal residents IDs,’ issued by The Central Agency, as their only Identification method. A note is written on it: card is used for internal use only!

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