Bedoon protest again for their detainees

Tens of Bedoon protested yesterday for the freedom of 14 detainees who will be going to court on the 6th and 7th of March. The protesters marched in Taimaa, the area where many Bedoon families live and where all protests took place over the past 12 months. Last time Bedoon protested was on the 18th of February to mark the first anniversary of their protests. They chanted “Freedom, peaceful protesting, we are Kuwaitis not bedoon” in reference to their number one demand for citizenship. As usual, riot police was there in big numbers, and according to Al-Seyassah newspaper, a protester was arrested. The two pictures posted here were tweeted by Mishal Al-Fadhli from the protest.

At the same time, the front man of Popular Action Bloc, MP Musalam Al-Barak made a statement regarding the ongoing detention of Bedoon activists saying the law allows renewing detention in case the accused tries to leave the country, when in fact the bedoon do not have passports to consider such an option, which makes their detention baseless and illegal.

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