Does the UK want to deport the Bedoon?

After meeting with an official group from the UK, head of central agency for illegal residents (Bedoon), Saleh Al-Fidala made a statement to Kuwait News Agency explaining the reasons the UK is interested in cooperating with the central agency. Al-Fidala said the UK is interested in signing an agreement with Kuwait to deport the Bedoon who seek Asylum in the UK, back to Kuwait, saying there are 450 Bedoon who entered the UK in the past two years and that the central agency will help assure their real identities.

There is a growing community of Bedoon in the UK who go there seeking asylum but there are no confirmations from the British side regarding Al-Fidala’s statement. If the UK works on such a project, this means the British government will be violating the human rights of those Bedoon asylees. Al-Fidala has made fabricated statements before to intimidate the Bedoon community and practice propaganda to indicate that other governments are approving Kuwait’s policies with the Bedoon.

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