US State Department: Kuwait is xenophobic with Bedoon

In a recent statement from the United States Department, David M. Robinson, Acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, referred to Kuwait and other countries as countries that act xenophobic with their stateless communities. From the statement entitled “Combating Xenophobia” read in the event of “Human Rights First”, Robinson read:

“As we survey the globe, all of us are familiar with egregious examples of xenophobia and other forms of destructive bias, whether sanctioned or merely tolerated by governments, as the report notes, too: Ethnic Haitians in the Dominican Republic, the Bidoon in Kuwait, or the Rohingya in Burma. These are essentially stateless people, who are denied the protections we take for granted, and then, when driven from their homes, their suffering the additional hardship of becoming refugees or IDPs. We’re familiar with sub-Saharan migrants who are brutalized crossing the Sinai, and with economic migrants, stranded and preyed upon in Yemen. And we know about lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender and other people ostracized and sometimes killed in far too many places around the world. The list of victims of hatred and violence is long and it’s messy. We all know this.”

US state department was expected to pay a visit to Kuwait to check the case of Bedoon, yet there are no details or confirmations on whether the visit was made.

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