Refugees International: You cannot silence Bedoon

After paying a visit to Kuwait last February, Sarnata Reynolds and Kristen Cordell from Refugees International made a report entitled “Kuwait: Bidoun Nationality Demands Can’t Be Silenced.” The report included information on the living conditions of Bedoon, violations of their rights to protest, have access to court, and citizenship. In conclusion, the organization made recommendations asking the Kuwaiti government to fulfill promises of naturalization and offer proofs to allegations against Bedoon, if they exist. The organization also pointed out that authorities should investigate violations against Bedoon protesters.

On another hand, the organization asked UNCHR to take part in solving statelessness in Kuwait and working actively to help grant them their human rights. The report also addresses the United States and the United Kingdom governments to take part in working for the case of Bedoon through their embassies.

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  1. Thanks to Sanata and keisten of thir effort on stateless situation, hoping the kuwaiti governmet to finish ASAP..

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