Promises for mobility and employment

Head of Central Agency for the affairs of illegal residents (Bedoon), Saleh Al-Fidhala, made a statement today promising employment for Bedoon who have the 1965 census and are, at least, high school graduates. Al-Fidhala said that those applying starting next week will be employed in six ministries: education, health, Awqaaf, communication, and social affairs. In addition, the agency will work with the ‘civil service center’ to hire Bedoon in private companies which the state owns 51% of their shares.

The news were received by mixed reactions among the Bedoon community as many of them stated that this step, if fulfilled, does not offer employment for the majority of the community especially as the Bedoon were denied education for over two decades.

On another note, an earlier promise from the Central Agency was made regarding issuing ‘chipped’ IDs that allow their holders to travel around the GCC easily. Similarly, the Central Agency said those eligible for this ID should have the 1965 census or have relatives who are citizens.

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