New employment system for Bedoon is discriminatory

Two days ago, head of Central Agency for illegal residents (Bedoon) stated that a new system will be active shortly to make jobs for Bedoon in six ministries and some partially-governmental companies. The first statement already showed the discrimination that the system will be practicing as it will be eliminating anyone who does not come from a family with the 1965 census (a document that proves a bedoon family’s existence in Kuwait in 1965) or did not finish his/her higher education, although the bedoon have been denied education, precisely higher education, since 1986. Today, a representative of the Civil Services Center, which is in charge of the employment system in Kuwait, added that the Bedoon will only get jobs after meeting the qualifications plus having a clear ‘security record’; a controversial system that the interior ministry has been practicing to fabricate racist holds accusing the Bedoon of being citizens of other countries.

The sourceman of CSC told Al-Qabas newspaper that priority in employment will be for Kuwaitis and “if a Kuwaiti is still not employed, then no Bedoon can get a job in his field.” Also, the jobs will be offered only when the ministry or the company is in need for employees; something that is not common in the government sec in Kuwait as many citizens wish to work in the government sect. This system is clearly designed to get in very few number of Bedoon in the places were the state is severely in need. The aim is not only to enjoy ‘cheap labor’ but more importantly to use this as a card to cool off protests and the pressuring international community.

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