Woman activist demands granting Bedoon the right to court

Member of Kuwait’s Lawyers Union and Kuwait Human rights society and Kuwaitis for Bedoon campaign Esra Al-Omairi stated in a recent lecture held by leftist movement Al-Tayyar Al-Taqadomy: “We have to admit that the Bedoon problem is a problem that we, as a government and a society, created and we have to be brave enough to solve.”

A-Omairi was a member of a group of activists that participated in the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’s review session of Kuwait representing Kuwait Civil Society. She said that all Bedoon should have access to court (a right that has been taken away from them since the 1986 bill was passed) in order to prove their right to citizenship. She added that whoever wins his case should be granted citizenship and compensation. She also noted that if the authorities have proofs against a Bedoon’s legibility to citizenship, then those proofs should be presented in Kuwait, according to Kuwaiti laws. “It seems that the authorities is not serious enough to deal with the Bedoon issue, whether it was the parliament or the government” said Al-Omairi.

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