Bedoon protests continue with new arrests

Riot police arrest a Bedoon protester – (Al-Rai newspaper)

After the release of Bedoon detainees and the new policy made by the Central Agency regarding documentation and employment, protests came back to ask for the release of Abdullah Attallah Al-Enizi, who got released Monday night, and to call for an immediate solution. Last Friday, Bedoon protested after Friday prayer, and according to Al-Qabas newspaper, 5 protesters were arrested and released the same day.

Definitely, Kuwaiti media did not hesitate to fabricate the news of the protests. Al-Rai newspaper, for example, wrote that protesters were playing some game of chasing while the police stayed calm. Al-Rai mentioned that the Bedoon kept going on and off their houses to get some rest and come back in an attempt to exhaust riot police especially that the temperature is high!

This Monday, protests went back in Taimaa and according to Kuwait Human Rights association and Bedoon Kuwaiti Committee activists, several arrests took place. So far, we know that Yousef Al-Zhairi, Bedoon activist, was arrested after breaking into his house. Another name is Othman Al-Fadhli, one of the Bedoon cyber activists.

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