Bedoon employment applications rejected!

After all the promises made by the central agency regarding offering employment for the Bedoon of Kuwait, Bedoon applicants were faced with rejection when they went on Monday to apply for jobs according to the official instructions, Al-Qabas newspaper reported. The Central Agency said those who apply should hold the 1965 census, have no ‘security holds’, and should be aware that they will only be considered after citizens. The Bedoon community has been describing this attempt as a lie made to fool the international community and that the whole system was created in a way to make employment impossible for the Bedoon.

Many ministries have indicated yesterday that they got instructions to receive Bedoon applications for employment which shows how the authorities are not serious about granting the Bedoon their rights to employment, per promises made to the international community. The ministries of education and health stated yesterday that if a Bedoon gets a job, he/she has to wait for 25,000 citizens to get jobs before any bedoon gets a chance to be hired!

What is interesting is that the number of Bedoon who went to apply for employment was significantly small as they are aware of how the promises made are not true. Every now and then, Kuwaiti authorities announce opening the door for bedoon to get jobs every now and then, but they were never hired. This constant strategy practiced by authorities made the community unable to trust any of the statements and promises as they are made part of a state propaganda that tries to take international pressure off the country.

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