In the first grilling request conducted over the Bedoon issue, the session came as a failure for the hopes of the Bedoon community. The prime minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah gave weak responses to the questions of MP Saleh Ashoor while the audience was clapping for him. Knowing that Ashoor is a Shia MP and one of the minority bloc in the parliament, the majority did not care about the cause of Bedoon that they publicly support and instead only wanted their opponents to fail in their grilling session.

The Bedoon reacted with grief over the statement of the prime minister who said that he knows the cause better than anyone else and no one should tell him what to do. They were also disappointed that the statements made by the prime minister got the audience’s applause; citizens who attend parliamentary sessions. The applause was interpreted as a green light from the people for the government to keep oppressing the Bedoon. On the side, the openly-racist MP Mohammed Al-Juwaihel held a sign in the session read “no to naturalizing the Bedoon.”

When showing a video of how the Bedoon protesters got tear gased, beaten, arrested, including the famous video of a woman beaten by one of the riot policemen, the MPs of the majority (who led the campaign against the former prime minister) did not react or stick to their late statement of support to the Bedoon. The community understood from today’s session that all the MPs are given promises that will never be fulfilled and were shamefully standing against the cause for their own political calculations.