Busted: no official decision for Bedoon’s employment

A massive media campaign was launched by the Central Agency to spread news about government’s decision to allow bedoon to work in the governmental sector; something that has been banned since the 1986 bill was approved. Newspapers were filled for days with interviews and reports about the preparations made to receive Bedoon applicants. However, all of this turned out to be only another wave of state propaganda.

The requirements for applicants included the 1965 census, a B.A degree. Those requirements made the Bedoon call the alleged employment criteria “Mission impossible” since the majority are not given access to public education, especially higher education.

According to the Central Agency, only 1% of Bedoon 1965 census holders have higher degrees which shows how the agency is conducting this trick about the right to employment. It also requires applicants who have no ‘security holds’ (which are fabricated by the agency) and should wait for over twenty thousands of Kuwaitis to get employed before getting the chance to be hired!

Today, Al-Qabas newspaper reported that an official stated that there is no official decision made by the civil service or the ministries council regarding the employment of Bedoon. He also added that the conditions indicated in the Central Agency’s statements make no sense because expatriates who apply for jobs do not have a second priority but get jobs wherever they are needed in the government sect and they form now 26% of the work force.

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