Al-Rai newspaper starts a campaign against Bedoon activists

Al-Rai newspaper continues its campaign against the Bedoon community and in specific the activists. Al-Rai has always been attacking the Bedoon with stereotypes and shameful fabricated news and now is focusing on the activists. Yesterday, Al-Rai talked about the arrest of an activist who leads protests and controls everyone including little kids with a language that gives the reader an impression of an operation happening among the Bedoon as if the protests were not meant to call for rights but some sort of a conspiracy. The last line of that article talks about little kids being in protests because of the ‘arrested leader’; another way to say that this activist is abusing people of different age with his ‘evil ideas.’

The stories written by Al-Rai were denounced and are read as silly and low by the community, however, it is obvious that there is an organized campaign by Al-Rai against the Bedoon. Today, another piece was written accusing Othman Al-Fadhli, an activist who was detained and released in Monday protest, of being released because he works for the intelligence and reports on Bedoon movements providing information on activists and protesters. The newspaper said Al-Fadhli, without mentioning his name, gets paid 1200 KD a month and is focused on Bedoon activism because it is his job to report on them.

The piece was faced with wild reactions from the Bedoon who showed support to Al-Fadhli and told him this is a sign that he is irritating authorities with his activism and that they still believe in him and don’t buy such lies. Also, the Bedoon expressed online that this campaign by Al-Rai newspaper is shameful and is clearly targeting the activists those days.

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