No schools for Bedoon in Jahra!

Picture of a previous campaign in support of Bedoon right to education

In every occasion, authorities try to emphasize that they have not been denying education for Bedoon. Reality is that few years ago, Kuwait launched a charity of the Zakat (islamic charity) ministry to pay off the Bedoon education costs in private low-leveled schools. This is to say that Bedoon education gets covered by charity and not by a clear law that grants their right to education. This becomes even more evident when knowing that they are not allowed to apply to the country’s only public university; Kuwait University. Every year, Bedoon stay tuned to see if the charities will cover their education or not.

Right after announcing the establishment of a new office that grants 5 years of residency for the Bedoon that ‘unveil their foreign passports’, Bedoon students in Jahra got notified by their schools that they will have to pay for their education starting next year, according to Alaam Al-Youm newspaper. This included, oddly, the children of Bedoon soldiers and policemen which the defense and interior ministries usually cover their education expenses.

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