Six Bedoon detainees bailed out

After getting arrested two weeks ago for protesting, the four detained protesters Yousef Al-Zhairi, Khaled Battah, Saud Rashid, and Fahad Farraj were bailed out on Monday for 200 Kuwaiti dinars each. However, they will face trials for vandalism and illegal protesting. Those protesters were arrested and kept for interrogation without having any volunteering lawyers to defend them. The same day, activist Abdulkhaim Al-Fadhli was also bailed out for 200 KD for the second time and will face trial for attacking a police man and illegal protesting. His brother Abdulnasser was though released.

Al-Fadhli was detained from his workplace in Shuwaikh area. He was arrested last January among tens of protesters and activists and released on March 8th. With no permission, the police confiscated his cell phone, searched his car, and left it at the workplace’s parking lot but taking the key. He was faced with charges for attacking a policeman in the Monday protest. Al-Fadhli called his father to inform him of his arrest. When the father showed up, his ID was confiscated and was asked to bring the two brothers of Abdulhakim who are Abdulnasser Al-Fadhli and Abdulhadi Al-Fadhli.

On Thursday morning, Abdulhadi and Abdulnasser went to the police station. Abdulhadi was interrogated and released while Abdulnasser was taken with Abdulhakim to the Jahra area prosecution charged for protesting and for filming a video of the attack on the policeman. The prosecution said they will be kept there until Sunday. The police did not return the father’s ID to him.


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