Bedoon athletes: called when needed

Ali Shamkhi Al-Fadly is a Bedoon Athlete who participated in the Arab Championship for the deaf in Tunisia few days ago representing Kuwait. Ali with his colleagues got 20 medals. Ali lives in Taima, the area where Bedoon protested for the right of citizenship many times this year & last year.

Ali is a person with a disability yet he is not granted any right to the necessary services that can help in his athletic career. Bedoon athletes like Ali are not even registered in the society of disabled persons that is responsible of taking care of them and supporting them. Although Ali is deprived off his rights as a person with special needs, he is taken to represent Kuwait in championships.

Another famous example is Fahad Al-Enzi, a famous soccer player who was chosen among the best ten in Asia in 2011. In the Arab championship in Doha, Qatar refused to allow him in without a civil ID and because Kuwait’s national team, with public demand, needed to have him in the team, he was issued the necessary document.

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