Bedoon tweeps started a hashtag on twitter to create pressures on authorities to issue a passport for a girl named Rayan in order to travel for treatment abroad after her father’s request was declined because she is Bedoon. The Campaign started Wednesday morning and by the afternoon promises came to issue her a passport.

Not allowing Bedoon the right to travelling documents is nothing new. The government uses it as a way to push Bedoon to ‘reveal their real identities’ although someone like Rayan is a 5th generation Bedoon of Kuwait. Relatively, two weeks ago, a mother of a fellow tweep died in the hospital as the treatment necessary for her was not available in Kuwait and she was not allowed a passport to get medication abroad.

Rayan might be lucky with twitter as two kids before her died waiting the government to issue them the article 17 passports, one of them was AbdulAziz Al-Onan who died in 2008. In this video (minute 5:05) his father explains how much humiliation he got just trying to convince authorities to issue him a passport.

This video tells the story of Ajwan, the girl who died waiting for her passport to get treatment abroad