The Central Agency compliments itself!

It seems Mr. Saleh Al-Fidhala will not quit his long show to pretend that the Central Agency is serious about solving the Bedoon issue. Instead of fulfilling promises, Al-Fidhala went to Saudi Arabia to ‘reveal’ the identities of the Bedoon who have Saudi documents but are hiding them. Afterwards, Al-Fidhala visited Dubai to ‘learn from the experience of others’ only to conclude that Kuwait is doing the best when it comes to solving the Bedoon issue compared to its Gulf neighbors. Al-Fidhala said that he will meet with the Iraqi embassy in Kuwait to discuss sharing information so the Central Agency can call out the Bedoon who are hiding their Iraqi documents.

On the other hand,  Sheikh Khaled Al-Abdullah, the secretary general of the Central Agency, made a statement two days ago to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) saying that the Agency has successfully fulfilled its mission! He said that the 11 rights decided last year were all materialized and accomplished including health care and education. Al-Abdullah is definitely saying anything but the truth as the Bedoon continue to call for documents, rights, and most importantly, citizenship.

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