Bedoon parliamentary committee falls apart

MP Abdulhamid Dashti

Since the arrival of this parliament last February, many promises came from the new MPs to solve the issue of Bedoon. The committee, headed by Adel Al-Damkhi promised to 1) investigate the mistreatment and torture that Bedoon detainees have received in prison 2) make sure Bedoon get their documents, most importantly birth certificates 3) follow up on the performance of the Central Agency 4) most importantly, push for the immediate naturalization of those legible for citizenship. Unfortunately, none of those promises were fulfilled and the parliament keeps sinking in internal clashes instead of offering any solid solutions.

Yesterday, MPs Mohammed Hayef and Nayef Al-Mirdas said the government is not serious about solving the issue of Bedoon. There are 1200 with security holds. Some of them have holds because second level relatives have holds. This is not fair and we will not accept it. It is against laws and Islamic Sharia.” The MPs added that 70 thousand Bedoon have the “citizenship signal” meaning they are legible to get the citizenship. They also said that the next meeting will discuss the issue of Bedoon martyrs. Shortly after his statement, Mohammed Hayef announced that he resigned from the committee because he is disappointed of the Central Agency’s noncooperation especially that its head Saleh Al-Fidhala did not attend the past two meetings.

On another note, MP Abdulhamid Dashti, one of the committee’s members, stated that the Central Agency and state security should issue an official letter to any Bedoon when placing a security hold on him so he can show up and defend himself from the accusations that terminate his right to citizenship.

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