Riot Police disperses protest violently and arrests 15 including a journalist

After two weeks of waiting, around 200 Bedoon protesters gathered in Taima area to protest for their right to citizenship and against the discriminatory policies and false promises of the Central Agency. The protest started in Najashi street after the afternoon prayer in Al-Shaabi mosque which was surrounded by riot police. When the protesters left the mosque to march in the ‘Freedom Square’, activist Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli was directly arrested and taken by state security police and his place is still unknown to this moment. This is the fourth time Al-Fadhli gets arrested and Tuesday morning he was in a court hearing as the police filed a fabricated case against him and other Bedoon who protested two months ago.

As for the other 13 protesters, they were taken to the department of criminal investigation. So far, 8 names out of 13 are confirmed:

1- Yousef Muhsin Sultan Al-Harbi.

2- Hussain Jabr Hilal.

3- Abdulhadi Abdullah Khairallah.

4- Nasser Khalaf Bahlool Al-Shammari (Kuwaiti).

5- Mohammed Faleh Humood Salem – Al-Rai newspaper Journalist/ Bedoon.

6- Fahad Ahmed Al-Badri.

7- Rakan Nawaf.

8- AbdulKareem Saoud Rkhais

9- Fawaz Kasib Ismail.

10-Shaalan Humood Ali Saif.

11- Faisal Al-Manea

12- Abdulhaziz Khalaf Badei

13- Bahyan Badei Nazal (he went to ask about the 12th detainee and was put in detention.)

14- unknown yet


To disperse the protest, riot police used smoke bombs and hot water and according to Reuters report, riot police used batons and armored trucks as well. Several activists reported that a 12 year old boy was also arrested and taken to Jahraa police station but was released in two hours. MP Adel Al-Damkhi, head of Bedoon parliamentary committee, was informed with the names of the detainees and did not yet make any statement. However, MP Saleh Ashoor criticized the violence and arrests against Bedoon while MP Abdulhamid Dashti, member of Bedoon parliamentary committee, said it was wrong to protest!

Lawyer Mohammed Al-Hmaidi, manager of Kuwait Human Rights Association, attended the protest and talked about the violence against protesters through his twitter account. The association itself reported that its president Khaled Al-Hmaidi is in the criminal investigation department alongside lawyer Mohammed Al-Hmaidi and Hussain Al-Otaibi as they work on releasing detainees and appointing lawyers to defend them. The vice president of the association, Fayez Al-Sultani, reported that he was briefly taken and beaten by riot police although he clarified to them that he is there to monitor the protest. He was shortly released. Other monitors, Taher Al-Baghli, Maryam Shah, and Huda Al-Dikheel, were taken to a check point and asked to leave the protest after their cell phones were taken and pictures in them were deleted.

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