Bedoon protesters bailed out

After 10 days in detention, Bedoon protesters were bailed out  (200 Kuwaiti dinars for each) yesterday. The protesters were arrested in Taimaa at the 1st of May protest and were accused of attempting to run over a policeman with a car to kill him, vandalizing police devices, and, as usual, illegal protesting and threatening public security. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Gulf Center for Human Rights, and Al-Karama have all issued statements calling for the release of Bedoon detainees, dropping all charges, respecting freedom of expression, and solving the Bedoon issue immediately. One of the detainees was Mohammed Al-Salem a journalist in one of the local newspapers. Another was Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli who was taken, unlike the rest, by state security, denied the right to see his family and lawyer. Both were on hunger strike in detention.

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