Bedoon activist calls for the sacking of Al-Fidhala

In a recent column that caused some controversy, Bedoon activist Nawaf Al-Bader has called on the interior minister to sack Saleh Al-Fidhala for his failed performance to solve the Bedoon issue over the past 20 years. Al-Bader, who was previously detained several times and is a member of the Kuwaiti Bedoon Committee, notes that there have been over 250 Bedoon fired from their jobs in the ministry of communication, the ministry of health, and the public company of ports. He also adds that the public Islamic charity has blocked its regular aids offered to Bedoon families in need after orders received from Al-Fidhala to Bait Al-Zakaat to do so. Al-Fidhala said no aid will be given to those who do not carry IDs in a way to force Bedoon into his new ID system that threatens them, a system that, at the same time, refuses to issue documents to many Bedoon.

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