On Tuesday the 26th of June, Two Bedoon activists were arrested for protesting in Taimaa area. The activists are Abdullah Attallah Daham Al-Enizi and Yousif Muhsin Wadi Al-Harby. They were faced with the charge of illegal protesting; a charge that their lawyer, Mohammed Al-Fadhli, describes as illegal and that it will not stand in court as previous trials of Bedoon protesters have showed. Considering the fact that there were less than 5 protesters, this does not allow the interior ministry to use “illegal protesting” as a charge.

The two activists are now held in the criminal investigations prison and there are unconfirmed reports of transferring Attallah to the state security police. Attallah was previously detained in February and kept for over 40 days in solitary¬†confinement¬†and got tortured by state security police. For now, the protesters’ lawyer is waiting for their detention to pass 48 hours as the newly passed pre-trial law enforces allowing bail-out after 48 hours of detention.

The following day, tens of protesters in Taimaa were marching shortly calling for the freedom of detainees. The riot police showed up and the protest was peacefully dispersed with no arrests reported.