Crisis of forged passports continue

Thousands of Bedoon were forced to buy passports to stay in the country and keep their jobs after 2000. The ministries in Kuwait intimidated many bedoon by threatening them of losing their jobs if they did not find foreign passports to end their statelessness. The government then played along by allowing offices to start their business of forged passports; all permitted by the ministry of trade. The advertisements that those offices put up on newspaper were given a blind eye by the government; a way to get Bedoon in the trap and kill their demands for citizenship.

Al-Anbaa newspaper has been writing about this issue, and has stated recently that thousands of passports were issued to be Dominican, Eritrean, and Ghanaian. The embassy of Eritrea in Kuwait stated that those Bedoon have legal passports as the embassy worked on making money of those people by issuing them documents on no basis. The embassy has also called on Bedoon to bring their passports if they are forged and urged them to fix their status before doing so to avoid being illegal resident!

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