Al-Rai newspaper keeps attacking Bedoon

Kuwaiti press has always played a role in spreading state propaganda and creating racist stereotypes against the Bedoon of Kuwait. Usually Al-Wattan newspaper, known for its sectarian and racist remarks against Bedoon and others, used to be the leader of this propaganda but lately Al-Rai newspaper has been leading the campaign against Bedoon. Lately, Al-Rai published a caricature of Bedoon soccer player Fahad Al-Enizi crawling after the citizenship. The community was offended to have their star portrayed in this way and few showed up protesting in front of the newspaper’s building. The newspaper later on DID NOT apologize but “clarified” that they meant no insult but wanted to spot the light on his struggle and that some abused the caricature to spread hate against the newspaper!

However, this incident is nothing in the countless number of stories and headlines that Al-Rai wrote in a way to accuse Bedoon of being thieves, violent, and illegible. Following Friday protest, Al-Rai stated in their coverage of the protest that the police “arrested groups near the restaurants who were managing the protests” to suggest that protest are staged by groups of certain interests!

On the other hand, Al-Wattan newspaper wrote: “those who protested have no hope to citizenship and are only trying to hold back the work of the central agency and the solution of Bedoon issue. Those arrested broke the law by insisting to protest.”

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