Kuwait Human Rights Association blames Bedoon for arrests

Kuwait Human Rights Association was for a long time ruled by Anti-Bedoon technocrats such as Ali Al-Baghli who called Bedoon “cockroaches” few years ago. After the Arab Spring, other members of the association such as Maha Al-Barges and Ebtihal Al-Khatib were able to take over and showed support to the Bedoon by calling for their rights and documenting violations against the community and their protests that first started in February 2011. However, when the association had a new board few months ago, things have changed. The new members attended protests, made statements, and met with officials regarding the Bedoon issue. Their performance was satisfying until their late statement of Friday protest.

The association, after Kuwait’s court decided to dissolve the 2012 parliament, has changed its stand towards the Bedoon. In their statements to local newspapers, they blamed the Bedoon for pushing riot police towards violence. The board members have been travelling instead of doing their job covering violations in Kuwait. They made a late statement about Friday protest saying: “The police asked protesters to disperse the protest. The protesters threw bottles on police and insulted them which made police arrest some protesters.”

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