Crisis of Bedoon top students continues

[Photo credits: Alaan Online Newspaper]

For the second day, Kuwaiti activists of  “Group 29” protested in front of Kuwait University demanding the enrollment of Bedoon top students in the University. One of the activists, Dr. Ebtihal Al-Khatib, who is a professor in the university as well, wrote a column about the situation describing the ministry of education as “racist against the Bedoon students.” Al-Khatib has also made a statement from the protest saying that the sit-in will not end until the top 140 students get enrolled in the university.

On the other side, the union of Kuwaiti students in the UAE called on the ministry of education to send the top Bedoon students on scholarships abroad. Through twitter, Islamist MP Walid Al-Tabtabai said he has a suggestion to get 10 scholarships from each private university for the Bedoon while Kuwait University gets the rest of the number. It is worth mentioning that Group29 has been fundraising money and scholarships from companies and businessmen in Kuwait to pay expenses of Bedoon students in private universities.

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