Prosecution faces 12 detainees with 5 charges

[photo credits: Abdullatif Al-Fadhli]

Since their arrest on Friday, the 12 Bedoon detainees were not faced with any charges. Kuwaiti parliament weeks ago passed a law to disallow detention longer than 48 hours without charges and to allow a bail out after two days of detention. However, the interior ministry continues to violate laws against Bedoon detainees. This Monday, the public prosecution made 5 charges against the detainees which are: 1) Violating the gathering law, 2) Having no official permission to protest, 3) Making anti-government chants and slogans, 4) threatening public security, and 5) disobeying police orders. The public prosecution, according to one of the detainees’ lawyers AlHumaidi Al-Subaiyi, decided to renew the detention and will make a decision on Tuesday morning.

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