Kuwait should respect human rights monitors

“The Human Line” الخط الإنساني is a newly formed group of Kuwaiti monitors interested in documenting violations against protesters whether Kuwaiti or Bedoon. The group is headed by advocate Taher Al-Baghli. Al-Baghli and his team members have been working for over a year, previously for Kuwait Human Rights Association before a new board was elected. The group, not alone though, have been facing obstacles when attending protests. Previously, Al-Baghli and Maryam Shah were asked to erase pictures from their cell phones in one of the protests. This Wednesday, Al-Baghli and Yahya Ali were stopped by police in the Bedoon protest calling for the release of detainees. The police took their IDs and asked them to head to the police station. When going there, they were given their IDs back and ordered to leave the protest immediately, in order to have their IDs back.

Such incidents are not happening for the first time, the international community need to pressure Kuwaiti authorities to respect the role of Human Rights monitors who report violations against protesters.

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