Interior ministry threatens Bedoon with 2 years in jail for protesting

In comment on the continuous Bedoon protests and the international and local calls to free 12 Bedoon protesters, the interior ministry put up together a statement that violates the rights of Bedoon and the agreements that Kuwait has signed internationally. The statement emphasized the ministry’s well to stop any future protests and threatens them, because they are not citizens, they will be punished with two years in jail and a 1000 Kuwaiti Dinars fine for protesting. Here’s the full statement of the ministry taken from their official website:

“The interior ministry has issued several statements confirming that it will not allow the illegal residents, by any means, to organize protests, gathering, rallies, or sit-ins of any nature and of any goals in all squares and spaces as that will unbalance security, public system, people’s interests, and risk their lives.

The interior ministry clarifies that it has dealt with the cause of illegal residents in a way that allows them to express their opinions and state their demands for those concerned in the state.

We warn that the invitations for protests coming from some media outlets and social media will not be of use for the illegal residents but risk those who are practicing them as they will face legal questioning for violating laws and harming the higher interests of the country.

We clarify that planning any rally or gathering should meet the legal terms (decree law no 65 of the year of 1979) that bans having rallies, protests, or gathering that take place inside roads or on roads and public spaces. It also bans the participation of non-citizens in those protests, gatherings, and rallies so they won’t face a two year jail sentence and a thousand Kuwaiti dinars fine or one of those punishments. Article 34 of law no 3 of the year 1970 also states that if someone takes place in a gathering of 5 people to commit a crime or threaten security and stayed in the gathering despite orders of police men to disperse, will be punished with one year jail sentence and 100 kuwaiti dinars fine or one of those two punishments.”

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