Al-Fidhala is worried about charity money!

Saleh Al-Fidhala keeps mastering different ways to block easier living conditions for the Bedoon community. Few months ago, he made the ministry of Awqaf (responsible for giving charity aid to those who need it) stop aiding Bedoon families if they do not have the IDs issued by his Central Agency. This decision enraged many people and was seen as a method from AlFidhala to force some families into accepting the unfair new system of IDs that by color marks who has a chance to be naturalized and who doesn’t. In reaction to criticism, Al-Fidhala met with heads of several charities telling them that it is not true what is being rumored that the Central Agency is blocking Bedoon off charity help, but that he’s concerned that some Bedoon without the necessary documents might be not deserving of charity and thus there should be a system to see where the aid is going.

On another note, the head of the Angelic Church of Kuwait denied the rumors suggesting that the church has been aiding Bedoon families who were blocked from Awqaf after Al-Fidhala’s rule. He explained though that the church provides help individually regardless of religion and nationality.

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