An interview with Group29 about Bedoon education saga

Group 29 began to sit in on July the 8th lasted for two consecutive weeks, in front of the Admission hall of Kuwait University- Shuwaikh.  Groups of Kuwaiti activists and representatives of some political groups and students associations have been involved in the sit-in in order to claim the right to higher education for the outstanding stateless students.

Activists of Group29: Lama Al-Othman (L) and Mona Al-Abdulrazaq.

In an interview we conducted with Ms. Mona Alabdulrazaq, a members of 29 group , Mona says: ‘’Based on the commitment of 29 Group to the case of the absolute right of higher education for the outstanding Bedoon students , we believe that education is the inherent right to the children of the community and a mainstay for community building and development,

She adds: Acceptance of these students is a true gain for the state; actually they are the future wealth, because they are part and parcel of the Kuwaiti community, therefore, they have the rights and obligations towards their country guaranteed by the Constitution.

It’s absolutely unacceptable that education which is a basic human right is shamefully linked to individual decisions, then why education is involved into the current political conflicts! Is deprivation of education used as a tool to put pressure on stateless? Alabdulrazaq answered: While we believe that the government should be initiative in creating educational opportunities for the oppressed stateless students. We ask the officials in the Ministry of Education to be fare and to recognize the seriousness of the situation, bedoon students will face a miserable dark future if they lost their only chance to complete their higher education.

Alabdulrazaq clarifies: Its known for the observer that students are not able to study abroad because most of them don’t have a passport, while those who have passport with (Article 17), suffer from Visa procedures, because such a passport is considered  invalid  for most of the Arab and foreign counties.

In our conversation with bedoon students who had applied for Kuwait university; one student stated that it was allowed for them to apply for only one day which was impossible for 150 student! Many of their applications were rejected because of the expired ID that will take two weeks at least to be renewed .Students say “How can we register within a single day, with all these crippling conditions!’

Another student said  the admission employee has omitted my selection of medicine, Engineering and Law studies of my application paper claiming that it’s only allowed for Kuwaiti citizens’

However,  at the same time, Sabar newspaper wrote on the 22nd of July that “Kuwait University Council  agreed at its meeting on offering seats for 100 stateless students for only who hold a valid security card and pass the terms and conditions of the Central Agency for illegal residents.’’ Announced by Faisal Maqseed- the official spokesman for Kuwait University.

He adds ‘Acceptance will be divided into two phases. 15 of the students will be accepted now, while the acceptance of the remaining 85 will be postponed to the second semester.” Yet, results are frustrating and below the expected. All what is on hand are promises!

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