UK-based Kuwaiti Bedoon Movement warns of crimes committed against Bedoon

Statement of Kuwaiti Bedoons Movement to the bodies, organizations, human rights activists, and those interested in locally and internationally, about the crimes committed against stateless in Kuwait:

We Rings the alarm, and this is not the first time, that we Rings the alarm on this matter, but today we separate, in the analysis and clarification of what is going on crimes being committed against stateless in Kuwait, and we call for international intervention to quickly control the situation.

The total number of Kuwaiti bedoons are nearly 300 thousand people, half of them in Kuwait, and half of them scattered in the countries of the world, all of them has been treated by successive Governments, in accordance with established policy, prepared to be implemented, even changed governments, a policy filtering in different ways for the bedoons to reduce their numbers to the number required, scheduled to remain in the country, and is disposed of the rest, in direct and indirect ways, including, but not limited to prevent them from returning back to Kuwait, after leaving it, as happened to the tens of thousands, during the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi invasion, or those who leave as refugees to the world countries, where were prevented from returning, also by forced some of them to buy fake passports, circulating the black market trade of passports forged under the auspices of a government, and promises to stay, and naturalize in accordance with these passports, another example of disposal methods: limitation of security, which is placed on some of the stateless , and therefore deprive the holder of any hope to raise his torment, also pressure on them to migrates by their decision, including the marketing of stateless as a commodity to sale them to neighbouring countries Under political deals, and many other ways.

The successive governments of Kuwait, , and as a result of the policy of 1986, prepared a map of action, to implement them, to get rid of stateless, where was treated stateless as sacrifice, sacrifice torture, so as not to die once, and it hurts, but do not die, that this plan was and still is , a crime against stateless, so that they utilization of them, until the disposal of non-grata gradually and then comes the turn of those who followed, who is useful now, and then thrown them to the side of the road, after the completion of the benefit of them, the best example of this, those who are working in both militaries, interior and defence, which did not begin with them, but was initiated technicians, and workers in other ministries, when there is no sufficiency of staff, as a result of the increasing numbers of citizens, were prevented Bedoons to register again as solders or police men, and the use of existing, to their retirement age , and thus ensure that there are no more bedoons in these two sovereign ministries, ending the myth that stateless make up more than 80 percent of workers two institutions militaries.

The government, long ago, classified stateless as groups, deal with them according to selection policy, and according to need and benefit, not by being human beings have rights, as they had duties, and thus prevented the stateless of their human dignity and dealt with them merchandise sent owns is bought and sold, so the government is traded human beings, in the case of Kuwaiti stateless.

What we warn of it, is that there are numbers quite a few, of the Kuwaiti stateless suffer and will suffer more, but will perish, and under the eyes of everyone, without action because the government will codify for that, and will marketed in a way the convergence welcome domestic and international, and so do not get this, we put the image of a high quality to you now, to do something, before the destruction.

Some believe that the so-called (Central system, for the illegal residents) has come to solve the problem, and the fact that this system comes to implementation of this crime, by pressure on the numbers of stateless, the practice of crimes against them, the confiscation of their rights, and abuse, according to a racist policy exclusionary, and then at the same time, the world will hear their groaning, and screaming, but don’t care, because the government by a way prepared in advance, throw  issued a grant, or honour, or enter a character, or by Parliament, passed the project, a naturalization of numbers of thousands, the world will not pay any attention for those groaning, but will be talk about those who won the right, and will be credited to people reel off, they achieved a breakthrough, including the head of the current central system, and this is what they prepare from now, through the broadcasting policy (eligible and non-eligible) that are traded locally , in press, media, and even popular, in Aldowaween ( cafe) in Kuwait, but this is not only in Kuwait, the fire of flew to latch wildfire International, Britain, for example, dealing with refugees coming to it from Kuwait, as two types (documented and undocumented) In other words who has the documents and does not, as instructed by the Kuwaiti Interior to the British interior, they’ll naturalization of old documented, but it will not naturalize those who do not carry these documents, When stateless Kuwait’s Refugee comes to Britain, carrying papers like 1965 Census , for example, or a Birth certificate, they rejecting his application for asylum claim, thinking that the Kuwaiti government honest, and they’ll naturalization, and he will remains as stateless refugee in Britain, either to lie and deny that he holds documents, and thus gets the asylum, but he remains under the fear of he made false information to the British government, suffering here, or suffer as a result survival have been rejected and his life broken, because he has no establishment and his parked, as it was parked in Kuwait, he has no right to do anything, and cannot be returned to Kuwait, because they will not receive him they wanted to get rid of him.

The Kuwaiti government is now through the present oppressive system, classified stateless to 4 types, as colours, green and they are better opportunity, and is expected naturalized, then yellow they are characterized by some human rights but there is no hope for them in naturalization, at least for the time being, then blue, they are doing current procedures to change their status to bring the nationality of any State, shall be treated as residents, then the category that we are warning, they will convergence difficulties, which sound the alarm, and we hold the whole world the responsibility to intervene to protect them, They are carrying red cards , and they are being set up method, to be tortured to escape, or death, under a policy of torture, and deprivation, Kuwaiti Bedoons Movement put the responsibility on the world, especially human rights organizations, international committees, and ministries of foreign affairs in the world, to protect these people, that the system of Alfadalah is now have such a plan, and his staff tear sheets of this group and expulsion of all, and the world does not know what is going on, here’s the danger, the policy of exclusivity to control the destiny of human beings without law or control.

It is worth mentioning that the Popular Action Bloc, in the National Assembly 2012, had adopted the project, prepared by a group of Kuwaiti lawyers and activists, to be presented to the National Assembly, as a law to resolve the issue of stateless, and this project does not differ much from the state plan, but almost match them, but to slaughter them on the way legitimate, so that the slaughter them faster and without torture, that the law is also a section bedoons into 4 categories according to the government’s plan, but its advantage only, that enter the judiciary, to consider in the proceedings, and to challenge the decisions issued by the government, and gave the stateless right of appeal legally, but did not write this law to pass, it did not take priority in his presentation in the National Assembly of 2012, in the four months held prior to the dissolution of the Assembly, and thus made the government, one of the gains of the solution to this Council, to deal with the bedoons by ripping files from want to get rid of them, without the intervention of the judiciary.

Kuwaiti Bedoons Movement believes the maturity of all the 300 thousand of citizenship and for the following reasons:

– The belief that they are all, if offered to the judiciary, they will prove their right legally and legitimately.

– That the mistake in the aggravation of this problem and bones caused by the government primarily, where it is the authority, a breach of the legal status of this category, and manipulated them, over 60 years.

– Stateless arrived today for the fifth generation and cannot be dealt with them as in a 1950, there were no countries or institutions, or international laws.

– Government as a result of their policies in 1986, 1993, 1996.2010, and during the time in and between these years, inflicted collective punishment, deprivation, and the confiscation of all human rights, such as education, health, and supporting documents such as birth certificate, death certificate, a document of marriage, and passport , and driver’s license, and the right to housing, property, and others suffered stateless, and have been affected by the dead, sick, ignorant, spinsters, poor, a criminal, and broken psychologically, which means that stateless even if they are transgressed, they were punished, and may not repeat the sentence twice.

– That the State’s policy of nationalization included the types of people have much less that Bedoons owns the rights.

– That Bedoons have made a lot to the nation in good times and bad.

– That the government by the bill are expensive as a result of the violation of local and international laws in dealing with stateless and when you open this file you will receive government international sanctions as a result.

Accordingly, we demand international intervention legal immediately, to receive the file of Bedoon issue in general and this group ( with red cards) in particular, and open it, and do the realization of international laws, especially the recommendations coming from all the permanent human rights committees of United Nations, on behalf of stateless, hit the wall by the Kuwaiti government, but went even further to continue to crimes against stateless and creating new kinds of abuses against human rights.


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