Bedoon make a protest-comeback after Ramadan

Photo Credits: Al-Rai newspaper

On Sunday the 19th of August, Bedoon made their Eid prayer marking the end of Ramadan and started their protest to call on the Amir to strip Saleh Al-Fidhala off his position as the head of Bedoon committee (The Central Agency of illegal residents). The protest did not witness clashes or arrests and was ended shortly after marching, giving speeches, and chanting against Al-Fidhala and for the right to citizenship. In this video, activist Nawaf Al-Bader makes his speech against Al-Fidhala and is seen as police tries to stop him from finishing his speech.

[youtube id=”0jD_OizdCl0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

According to Al-Rai newspaper, those who were praying in the mosque and are not Bedoon, were critical of the protest because it took place at the first day of a religious ceremony such as Eid. The newspaper also stated that there was a helicopter tracking the marches of the protest.

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