Former PM says Bedoon issue will be solved soon

Despite his 5 years in power without offering any solutions to the Bedoon issue, former prime minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah stated lately that the Bedoon issue will be solved soon because it is handled now by the Amir himself. Al-Mohammed made this statement to the head of Eniza tribe to whom many Bedoon persons belong in Kuwait.

Last month, the head of Eniza tribe  Jidaan Al-Hathal arrived in Kuwait’s airport with his Kuwaiti passport and was detained for over a day getting interrogated for his stand with Bedoon, which many of them are part of the tribe he heads. Hundreds were protesting in front of the state security police building calling for his release. Al-Hathal was expected to show up in the protest but could not stated to Al-Watan newspaper that he received phone calls from high personals in the Gulf asking him not to attend the protest!

The tribe’s head commented on the statement of Al-Mohammed by assuring their faith in the Amir to solve this issue and by stating that his tribe is loyal to the ruling family and expects them to solve this issue.

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