Twitter users save a Bedoon student abroad

[Blue passport for citizens; grey passport for Bedoon]

After many attempts to renew his “article 17” passport through the Kuwaiti embassy in Kuwait, Bedoon student Abdullah Al-Fadhli thought of twitter as his last option. Within a couple of days, hundreds of Bedoon were tweeting about his case as he is threatened to be jailed and deported for not having a renewed passport. There are many cases of Bedoon who get told by Kuwaiti embassies that they are not of their responsibility and that renewing Bedoon documents should happen inside Kuwait. Abdullah is studying medicine and will be graduating within a year.

The fuss made through social media and online newspapers was able to generate a quick response from the ministry of interior affairs who have stated to Alaan newspaper that the delay has been unintentional and that he will be getting his passport in few days. “Bedoon Rights” will be following up with Abdullah’s case.

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