Four Bedoon arrested for protesting

[Activist Abdullah Attallah from a previous protest]

“A Protest for the Martyr” was the title of Thursday’s protest in Taimaa; 30th of August. The protest started after the evening prayer calling for the return of 14 members of Bedoon martyr Humood Baanon Al-Enizi who is recognized by Kuwait as one of their martyrs. His family escaped the Iraqi invasion to Jordan and since then were never allowed back in the country. They still live as refugees in Jordan and have no support of legal status. The Bedoon have been highlighting this case over and over and in all their protests and speeches but the state keeps acting deaf towards those calls.

Pictures of martyr Humood Al-Enizi and his grave in Kuwait that states he is a “martyr”

Right after the end of the evening prayer, four bedoon activists were arrested before the beginning of the protest. It was clear, as usual, that Kuwait’s state security police attend bedoon protests is targeting activists by name and picture even before the start of a protest. The four detainees are with their lawyer Saudi Al-Shammari as they were sent to the prison of “criminal investigations”. Their names are:

1- Abdullah Attallah

2- Fahad Humood

3- Ahmed AlAythy

4- Yousef AlAythy

It is worth mentioning that Attallah has been arrested previous times before and was mistreated and put for weeks in solitary confinement.

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