Bedoon with disabilities can’t afford education

Just as the Bedoon community faces the crisis of having their children registered in schools as the state denies them that for not having birth certificates, another crisis come to light. Al-Rai newspaper has reported briefly the case of Bedoon children with disabilities. The parents have talked to the newspaper explaining: the father makes a maximum of 300 Kuwaiti dinars (1000$) that is supposed to pay for the education of 5 children, food, and house rental. Such an amount of money does nothing in a country of inflation and the schools open for the education of children with disabilities cost at least 1000 K.D (3000 US $) something that is not affordable for the majority of Bedoon families. Those parents talked to media and said they have addressed the council for people of disabilities and the ministry of education but neither of them cared to do anything or give any answer.

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