How much does Kuwait pay for UNHCR’s silence?

For years, the Bedoon of Kuwait have been denied any help from UNHCR. The latter claims that they need to follow the obligations of the country hosting them and not interfere in what the country doesn’t want them to be in. It has also been claiming that instead of noncooperation, they choose to focus on helping refugees of other countries get outside of Kuwait. The UNHCR has been shamefully passive towards Bedoon and never criticize their human rights violations against Bedoon and migrant workers. The UNHCR, specifically in their Kuwaiti office, does not care for what the UN declarations and agreements stand for.

Recently, UNHCR has written a letter to Kuwait’s ministries’ council and the Amir himself complimenting them for their efforts to solve the Bedoon issue. The UNHCR is well aware of Kuwait’s discrimination and violations of Bedoon rights, yet writes such letters of compliments. Obviously, UNHCR has more important priorities than what human rights stand on. It is worth mentioning that UNHRC has recently received 1 million dollar from Kuwait!

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