Bedoon activists issue a strong statement: we want to decide

A group of Bedoon  activists have issued today (23 September 20120) the following statement demanding the government to take immediate actions and stop the violations it keeps committing:

We are the Kuwaiti-Bedoon who have been chopped off from the country’s body due to calculations of class, tribes, and politics that started with the new state. We have been exiled outside the circle of national rights and have only been used as cheap labor and sub human force whenever needed. We have been registered as citizens so the state would get a bigger portion of sold oil. Since 1986, the country has been excluding us completely and continues to discriminate against us in the worse ways possible.

Due to that, and because we believe unconditionally in the constitutional democratic state of civil laws, we announce as Bedoon that we hold to our rights, especially the ones Kuwait has agreed on based on human rights declarations.

We confirm that since we started our peaceful protests in February 18th 2011, we have not and will not quit our peaceful methods to gain our rights as we respect article 44 of the Kuwaiti constitution that grants rights to individuals to protest peacefully, and we respect article 36 that grants the right to one’s opinion and free speech; written or said. We also respect the article 29 that assures respecting human dignity and equality in rights and responsibilities before the law.

As cabinets keep failing in delivering their promises to solve the Bedoon issue, as they keep making promises for over half a century, as they keep making committees with its failing central agency, it is time for Bedoon to be a key player in deciding their fate and activate their demands; demands that the government and its bodies owe us nothing when giving them to us, because they are granted by the law. Those governmental bodies are practicing oppression and are not serious in solving our issue; their acts reveal their hidden intentions.

Our demands:

–          The right to citizenship: this is the only demand that Bedoon have been protesting for as they believe in their right, constitutionally and legally. We also demand all the rights that come with getting our citizenship; the rights that have been stolen from us for decades for no reasons.

–          In case the government and its bodies are not serious about solving this issue and granting full citizenship, there will be other demands.

–          For this to happen, the council of ministers need to form a counseling committee, neutral and legal, including representatives of NGOs and Bedoon activists. This committee should be part of the Central Agency to find the proper solutions in the shortest time.

–          The cabinet should change the security approach used by the Central Agency and should also change all those working in it as they have publically declared their opposition to Bedoon before. The approach to solve the bedoon issue should be according to human rights and laws.

–          The central agency should grant all civil rights to Bedoon, according to the international agreements Kuwait has signed, without any delay or discrimination, until they Bedoon get their citizenship rights.

The Kuwaiti Bedoon

To read the Arabic version, click here

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