Kuwait’s State Police attacks another Bedoon

Yesterday, Al-Alam AlYoum newspaper has published a story of a Bedoon man arrested and attacked by Kuwait’s state police. The man went to Al-Zahraa police station (which is close to the main office of state police) to report an illegal arrest and attack. He said that he was called by state police to come to their main office. He was there in an hour and when he gave them his name, a man blind-folded his eyes and started beating him. The state police then forced him to drink something that made him pass out for hours. The ┬áman got a medical report from Mubarak’s hospital and said the whole incident took place from 10 am to 9 pm. The public prosecutor ordered an investigation of this case; illegal detention and attack.

It is worth mentioning that all previous cases of Bedoon getting arrested, beaten, or tortured by state police have made no progress and no officer was investigated at any point.

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