[Picture from Alaan newspaper]

In a protest that was attended by almost 3000 protesters, the interior ministry of Kuwait has put a show of horror on the 2nd of October in Taimaa – on the international day of non-violence. Bedoon have been calling for this protest for weeks demanding again their right to citizenship. They have been speaking to media and NGOs in Kuwait to attend this protest. Some have showed up which generated more attention to the protest and to the oppression practiced against protesters. Security forces used tear-gas, smoke bombs, sound bombs, bats, water cannon, rubber bullets and has arrested arbitrarily more than 27 protesters the same day – Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday Night, 4 Bedoon who are under 18 were released after being arrested for several hours: Musaed Muhan AlShamman, Ali Mohammed Yasser, Mohammed Bkhit Sultan, and Yousef Subah Saleh.

On Wednesday evening, 16 were released because of their injuries and 11 remain in detention. Those who remain in detention are:

1- Hamam Mubarak

2- Basil Badi Al-Fadhli

3- Mohammed Jasem

4-Waleed Khalaf

5- Saad Khaled Al-Fadhli

6- Othman Khaled Al-Fadhli (second arrest)

7- Ali Khaled Al-Fadhli

8- Hussain Jabr (second arrest)

9- Mubarak Tuamaa

11- Hussain Khashan Al-Khaldi (Kuwaiti citizen)


Injuries: shot in the eye, rubber bullets

Rubber bullets

tear-gas gun

masked security man pointing his shotgun

head injury

shotguns and gas canisters

Arrest of Kuwaiti activist Hussain Khashan Al-Khaledi

This protest witnessed the use of tear gas and, for the first time, shot guns. Protester Abdulatif Al-Nabhan was shot in the eye and has little hope not to lose it according to his doctors in Al-Bahar hospital today. Officials from the interior ministry have threatened his family if they decide to sue the ministry. There are 11 injured Bedoon who were not taken to criminal investigation and some denied medical reports. Head of Jahra investigations Salem Mustafa was about to start investigations but was then ordered to leave the case for someone new who decided to deal with the cases of Bedoon as felonies. Activists and lawyers confirmed that several Bedoon got arrested from Taimaa public clinic and Jahraa hosptial on Tuesday evening.

Other two injuries still in hospital are of two protesters who were ran over by police cars. This video shows a police car running into the crowd:


Here’s a 15 minutes video putting together different footage from the protest:


Interior Ministry accuses Bedoon of rioting and vandalism

Despite the statements of monitors from Kuwait human rights associations, Kuwait association for the foundations of human rights, Kuwaiti THE HUMAN LINE monitors, and the reports of international media, the interior ministry still repeats its accusations against Bedoon protesters. Its statement yesterday accused Bedoon of the following:

1- Distracting the work of the Central Agency through social media and making false accusations against this governmental body.

2- Causing problems in the country in abuse of the crisis that the country is going through.

3- Rioting, violence, and calling for illegal protest.

4- Vandalism, blocking traffic, and starting fires in public and private properties.

5- Risking the lives of citizens.

6- Attacking security men.

7- Vandalizing ambulances and throwing stones on them and on security men.