Earlier Friday, the interior ministry of Kuwait continued issuing its propaganda statements against the Bedoon of Kuwait by stating that those illegal protests are disturbing the work of the Central Agency, aims to divide the society, and disturb those living in Taimaa area (although it is a Bedoon area). The ministry also stated that those arrested in Bedoon protests are not Kuwaiti and that the ministry has their ‘real citizenship’. 

In response and to call for the freedom of the 11 detainees, the Bedoon in Taimaa made an unplanned protest in Taimaa on Friday evening. The ministry had to of course be there to stop others from joining and to disperse the protest. Another protest is planned tomorrow by the parliament for Kuwaiti citizens who support Bedoon rights. Surely, the Bedoon will not be allowed to join tomorrow’s protest as the ministry states every time that “the Erada square near the parliament is only for Kuwaitis to protest in.”