After the protest on the 2nd of October, Kuwait’s interior ministry has sent 11 Bedoon protesters to the Central Jail. The ministry stated on Thursday that the 11 will face charges of attempting murder, attacking police men, and rioting and that there are videos and pictures proving the allegations. Here is an updated list of detainees’ names:

1- Hamam Mubarak

2- Basil Badi Al-Fadhli

3- Mohammed Jasem

4-Waleed Khalaf

5- Saad Khaled Al-Fadhli

6- Othman Khaled Al-Fadhli (second arrest)

7- Ali Khaled Al-Fadhli

8- Hussain Jabr (second arrest)

9- Mubarak Tuamaa

11- Hussain Khashan Al-Khaldi (Kuwaiti citizen)