State police targets Bedoon activists

[Threatened Bedoon activist Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli objecting to police violence in the 2nd of October protest]

After the protest on second of October, State Police is working on targeting Bedoon activists who were organizing and calling for that protest. Yesterday, Thursday 4th of Oct, activist Hamid Al-Enizi was arrested as he was walking in the street by state police. They took him in a civilian car to the state police office and interrogated him for hours then let him go. Surely, the state police did not summon Al-Enizi for questioning and had no permission to do so.

Another arrest happened the same day for Mohammed Habib. He was taken from Avenues Mall but to Al-Jileeb police station and was interrogated for hours without any legal permission then was released the same night.

As for activist Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli who was arrested many times before, he is now being monitored and receives threats online through social media and on his phone as well. The interior ministry has previously referred to Abdulhakim as the man who plans Bedoon protest and accused him of ‘being paid to organize protests.’

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