18 protesters, 11 activists, and 5 minors detained

Stateless Arab, known as bidoon, take part in a protest to demand citizenship and other basic rights in Jahra, 50 kms (31 miles) northwest of Kuwait City, on November 9, 2013. AFP PHOTO/YASSER AL-ZAYYAT

After stating that there are 11 Bedoon detainees from the 2nd of October protest, Kuwaiti NGOs and Bedoon rights got confirmed news that the number of Bedoon protesters detained in the protest is actually 18, Here is an updated list of detainees:

1- Hussain Khashan Al-Khaldi (citizen – born 1972)
2- Nawaf Ismail Ghazal (born 1989)
3- Mubarak Tuima Farid (1979)
4- Ahmed Saleh Abdulatif (1991)
5- Walid Khalaf Saleh (1985)
6- Ahmed Sayer Mohammed (1980)
7- Mohammed Mirjy Ghali (1986)
8- Ali Hussain Alshammari (1982)
9- Basil Bady Al-Fadhli (1988)
10- Othman Khaled Saad (1988)
11- Hamam Mubarak Mnady (1993)
12- Ali Khaled Saad (1986)
13- Mohammed Jasem Mnday (1993)
14- Hussain Jabr Hilal
15- Ali Sabah Ismail (1989)
16- Bashar Saleh Ashoor (1980)
17- Hameed Yaser Sulaiman (1982)
18-  Saad Khaled Saad (1988)


5 Bedoon minors detained 

Picture of Ahmed Obaid Fadhel (14 year old) – A security man broke his nose during the protest and was not medicated.

On the same day of the protest, 5 underage Bedoon protestesr were arrested. According to Al-Seyassah newspaper, the five denied accusations of rioting and attacking policemen. They said they were protesting with others and were leaving when the protest was dispersed but security men blocked them and arrested them as they were leaving the protest. They have been in detention since last Tuesday and on Sunday 7th of October, the judge renewed their detention for 11 more days for further investigation.

1- Ahmed Thany Ayid Al-Enizi (16 year old)

2- Saud Saleh Sanad (15 year old)

3- Yousef Shayia Misier (16 year old)

4- Ahmed Obaid Fadhel (14 year old): A security man broke his nose during the protest and was not medicated.

5- Ammar Awwad Al-Shammari (18 year old)


11 Bedoon activists summoned and detained

A couple of days after the protest of 2nd of October, the state security police and the interior ministry started targeting Bedoon activists. On Thursday 4th of Oct, activist Hamid Al-Enizi was arrested as he was walking in the street by state police. They took him in a civilian car to the state police office and interrogated him for hours then let him go. Surely, the state police did not summon Al-Enizi for questioning and had no permission to do so.

Another arrest happened the same day for Mohammed Habib. He was taken from Avenues Mall but to Al-Jileeb police station and was interrogated for hours without any legal permission then was released the same night. As for activist Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli who was arrested many times before, he is now being monitored and receives threats online through social media and on his phone as well. The interior ministry has previously referred to Abdulhakim as the man who plans Bedoon protest and accused him of ‘being paid to organize protests.’

Latest detainees was Ahmed AlTamimi, the head of Kuwaiti-Bedoon committee.
On Saturday the 6th of October, the following activists were summoned to interrogation and then sent to the Central Jail for calling for protests through social media and taking part of the 2nd of October protest. They have been on hunger strike since Sunday. Here are the names:
1- Abdullah Fairooz (Kuwaiti citizen – member of Kuwaiti human rights association).
2- Abdulrahman AlHussaini (journalist).
3- Khaled Al-Battah.
4- Abdullah Mayah (journalist).
5- Khaled AlEnizi.
6- Nawaf Rikan.
7- Mohammed Miziel.
8- Ali Sibah.
9- Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli (dentist).
10- Fares Jaed AlShammari.
11- Nawaf Al-Bader (secretary of the Kuwaiti-Bedoon committee).
12- Ali Al-Enizi (deputy director of the Kuwaiti-Bedoon committee).
13- Ahmed AlTamimi (Head of Kuwaiti-Bedoon committee).

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